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Case Studies

Case study: Client ditches over the counter products for multifaceted approach with amazing results

October 28th, 2020 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

As stated on the Ashley and Martin website; the causes of hair loss are many: androgen hormones; psychosocial stress, poor nutrition, genetics, autoimmune diseases, metabolic diseases, ultraviolet light, pollution, and many others. Traditionally, dermatologists have considered each case of hair loss as the result of a distinct, single cause.  Such distinctions among hair loss led to the development of drugs that target single mechanisms of loss.

Many of these drugs and potions are still offered as online or over the counter solutions to the distressing problem of hair loss and Seb* had tried a few with very disappointing results.

At the ripe young age of thirty, Seb still felt like he was in the prime of his life. He was fit and healthy with a nice life and a loving partner, but the rate at which his hair was thinning and receding around his temporal region was causing him some distress. Seb had been considering a more professional treatment option for six months and his partner suggested he contact an Ashley and Martin hair loss specialist. After filling out the online form, Seb and his partner attended his first appointment.

Seb discussed his concerns with his consultant. His father and brother were both losing their hair and he was also carrying the gene. After examination, Seb was diagnosed with male pattern baldness at  level ll on the Norwood Scale. Recommending the twelve month RealGROWTH® medical treatment program, Seb’s consultant explained that the unique multifaceted approach (developed specifically for the multifactorial conditions that cause hair loss) not only restores hair growth at a rapid rate but builds density and strength after impeding the rapid shedding of hair; something that other treatments, targeting just a single feature of hair loss, are unlikely to achieve.

Reassured by the science behind this medically proven program, Seb was hopeful that it would deliver the outcome of restored hair and restored confidence…and it did.

Seb and his partner were thrilled with the results. In just 20 weeks Seb’s hair had grown back thicker and stronger. The multifaceted approach was working extremely well and Seb could see the healthy new growth in places that he’d previously seen only his scalp. Ashley and Martin had delivered on its promise – his hair and, indeed, his confidence were well and truly restored.










*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Client’s happy wife dating a ‘new man’

September 15th, 2020 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Genetics and medical conditions can both be contributors to hair loss and baldness. At 55 years of age, Roy* was mindful that his diabetes could be a contributing factor to the hair loss he had been suffering for the past five years. That, combined with a family history of hair loss (his grandfather) prompted him to finally seek some help.

Roy* had been thinking about getting some treatment since he had turned 50. His hairline had receded and his vertex was thinning at an alarming rate – his appearance was starting to affect his confidence. So, with the encouragement of his family, he booked an appointment at an Ashley and Martin hair loss clinic using the online contact form on the website and has never looked back.

Diagnosed with hair loss at a level IVa on the Norwood Hair Loss Scale, Roy’s consultant recommended a twelve month RealGROWTH® medical hair loss program with weekly laser treatments and Roy was more than happy to stick to the plan.

When Roy had his four month review he was very pleased with the results so far and was keen to continue the prescribed treatments. His wife was also very pleased with the results and had told her hubby that it was like she was dating a new man…with more hair and more confidence.

*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Young Man Predisposed to Male Pattern Baldness Does Not Want to Follow Family Pattern

April 22nd, 2020 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Calling Ashley and Martin to discuss his concerns, Ben* was pleased to find he was able to come in and speak to a hair loss consultant for free. Twenty-two with a receding hairline and slight thinning in the crown, Ben was predisposed to male pattern baldness as the majority of men on his mother’s side of the family were in varying stages of their own hair loss journey. Not happy to follow in their footsteps, met with a hair loss consultant to find out more about what could be done with medical hair loss treatment.

Speaking with his consultant about the outcome he was looking for in undertaking a medical hair regrowth treatment program, Ben said he would be happy if he was able to just keep the hair he had left, but if he was able to regrow hair to reverse the damage done, that would be a bonus. After finding that Ben had no known underlying medical conditions impacting the growth cycle of his hair, and performing a scalp examination to confirm Ben too was suffering from male pattern hair loss, a RealGROWTH® program was recommended. Clinically proven to stop hair loss and regrow hair within a 12 month time frame, the multi-faceted RealGROWTH® medical hair regrowth program would achieve the goals Ben had come to Ashley and Martin with. And after having all of his questions around the safety and efficacy of the pharmaceutical components of the treatment program answered, Ben was happy to proceed with treatment straight away.

Attending a progress appointment after sixteen weeks on the program, Ben’s hair was noticeably healthier and close inspection of progress photos showed that his hair had doubled in density. Gone was the recession in his temples, the dry, wiry appearance, and thinning on top. Ben had not only kept the hair he had left, but received the bonus he was looking for of regrowing hair he had lost.


*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Spectacular Results for Stress Induced Hair Loss

January 8th, 2020 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Over the past few years Don* had been under a great deal of stress. And the onset of his hair loss had coincided with the start of this difficult period. Suffering from an itchy scalp in addition to his hair loss, Don* had really connected with the stories on the Ashley and Martin television advertising. He too was approaching his turning point and was ready to at least speak to a hair loss expert. Curiosity winning out, Don booked a free consultation with Ashley and Martin to find out what could be done about his hair loss problem.

Listening to Don tell him about the increased stress he had been under, the consultant agreed that this could be playing a part in Don’s hair loss. However, the pattern of loss he was seeing was consistent with two to three years of loss due to male pattern baldness. It was more likely that stress was accelerating the loss rather than causing it. Recommending a RealGROWTH® medical hair loss treatment program to reverse the damage genetic hair loss had done, the consultant was confident this approach would produce the new growth Don was looking for. So confident that he offered Don a money back guarantee on his treatment program.

Tackling his problem with a multifaceted approach incorporating prescription medications, herbal supplements, and laser therapy, Don found the treatment routine easy to fit into his stressful life. And by the time he attended his first Ashley and Martin Review appointment after four months on the program, the comparison photos showed evident regrowth. Confidence in the program growing along with his hair, Don was so impressed with the early results of his program that he sent a friend to Ashley and Martin to get the same spectacular results as he had.



*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Client Refers Wife After Regrowing Own Hair

September 16th, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Prior to coming to Ashley and Martin, Asim’s* hair had been shedding at an alarmingly high rate for almost three years. His wife had told him that his hair loss did not matter to her but could see that it mattered to Asim. Wanting her husband to feel confident and to see himself as she saw him, she encouraged him to seek professional advice for his concerns. Having been considering treatment for quite some time, Asim booked a free consultation at his nearest clinic.

Noting that Asim had indicated that he had no known family history of hair loss or medical conditions that could be impacting the growth cycle of his hair, the consultant performed a scalp examination. Despite the fact Asim was unaware of any relatives who had experienced hair loss, the examination showed he was suffering from Androgenic Alopecia. Or, as it was more commonly known, Male Pattern Baldness.

Before attending his initial appointment, Asim had researched prescription medications for hair loss and the over the counter remedies available to him. And while he was knowledgeable in some areas, he was glad he had sought advice from a reputable company that specialised in medical hair regrowth. He was interested to find that singular treatments to hair loss were not as effective as a multi-faceted approach. Trusting the advice his consultant had given him, Asim booked an appointment with the clinic hair loss doctor and started his RealGROWTH® treatment straight away.

Four months later, Asim was pleased he had trusted the experts in the field. His hair had undergone radical changes. And after regrowing his hair and maintaining the new growth over the following year, Asim referred his wife to her own free consultation. The couple are now both happy Ashley and Martin clients, each of them having solved their hair growth problems with different RealGROWTH® programs tailored to their individual needs.

*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Client Finds His Turning Point After Constant Comments From Friends

July 22nd, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

John’s* friends were constantly giving him grief over the condition of his hair. And while he knew there was no malice or actual judgement in it, that did not stop the comments from having a negative impact on the way he saw himself. His hair had only been shedding at an accelerated rate for the past two or three years, but the speed at which his hair was disappearing was quite distressing. Six months previously the comments and the degree of hair loss together had prompted John to start considering treatment.

Knowing it was likely he was suffering from male pattern baldness passed down to him from his father’s side of the family, it came as no surprise to John when his consultant diagnosed him with this form of alopecia. It was explained to John that his Norwood III vertex loss would respond best to a multi-faceted medical treatment approach. Ashley and Martin’s RealGROWTH® medical hair loss treatment would address both the cause and the effects of his hair loss.

Thirty-four years old and keen to reverse the damage as soon as possible, John commenced treatment that same day.

And four months later his only regret was that he had not reached out to Ashley and Martin online a lot sooner. The early results of his medical hair loss treatment were so astounding that he was telling everyone who would listen to go to Ashley and Martin for help. The regular laser therapy appointments and daily treatment routine had taken so little time out of his schedule it was hard to believe it had had such a large effect on his appearance. Parts of his scalp that had been all but devoid of hair were now covered in new, healthy growth and the sparsely covered areas were thicker and completely covered. John could not stop singing the praises of his RealGROWTH® medical hair regrowth treatment program.



*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Eighty Year Old Woman Reverses Female Pattern Hair Loss

June 17th, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Approaching 80 years old, Dotty* had tried using every hair loss product she could purchase at her pharmacy. Topical solutions, traditional herbal treatments and leave-in products. She had tried them all. To date nothing she had tried had met her expectations in their promises to regrow hair.

The next step in Dotty’s bid to find a solution to hair loss was to discuss her problem with a professional medical hair loss clinic. Encouraged and accompanied by her husband, Dotty met with a consultant at Ashley and Martin to find out if anything could be done. A scalp examination conducted by her consultant showed an evident pattern of hair loss characterised by a loss of density. This Androgenic Alopecia was also accompanied with an underlying scalp condition. Dotty confided that of the two conditions, it was the hair loss that was her main concern.

Not keen on pursuing a long-term medication-based treatment at this stage of her life, Dotty was relived to find she would be able to treat both her hair loss and scalp condition without prescription medication. With the use of specialised scalp cleansers, a vitamin supplement formulated to target hair health and an in-home laser therapy device recommended by here consultant, Dotty would find her conditions reversable.

Four months after her initial appointment, Dotty met with her consultant to assess her improvement on her treatment program. Looking at her progress photos Dotty’s confidence in the program blossomed. The photos, taken four months apart, showed evident regrowth.

By the time she attended an eight month Ashley and Martin Review, her hair regrowth was even more evident. Further progress photos showed significant new growth covering her scalp. Happy with her progress at this stage of her hair loss treatment, Dotty told her consultant she would not hesitate to tell her family and friends to seek help at Ashley and Martin.



*name changed to protect privacy.

Case Study: Drastic Improvement Gained by Acting Quickly

May 6th, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Nick* knew he was genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness. Most of the men on his mother’s side of the family were either bald or balding. This dominant hair loss gene led Nick to be genuinely concerned about the way his rapid hair loss was changing his appearance. After all, he could see his future at any family gathering.

By 26-years-old Nick had reached a point where he needed to discuss his concerns with a professional. He called his local Ashley and Martin clinic for a little more information about the options available to him and booked a free consultation to discuss treatment in greater detail.

The consultant, upon examination, could see Nick had lost a significant amount of density with the most affected areas being his frontal hair line and crown. A non-smoker and non-drinker, Nick led an active lifestyle and was very healthy. With everything the consultant had learned about Nick, he knew great results could be achieved with a RealGROWTH® medical hair loss treatment program. But it was imperative Nick treat his hair quickly or risk losing more.

Initially happy to simply retain the coverage he had, Nick was elated to hear that hair regrowth was expected with treatment, not just a bonus. He asked several questions about the safety and efficacy of the pharmaceutical components of the treatment program, and with the assurance that came from speaking to the clinic doctor, Nick enrolled on a RealGROWTH® program.

Throughout the process, improvements in Nick’s hair were tracked by taking photos and comparing them next to each other. This transparent process was not only reassuring, it was exciting. Sixteen weeks into treatment, Nick could see his hair had doubled in density. This drastic improvement in what had started out as aggressively progressing Norwood level III vertex hair loss had Nick singing the praises of Ashley and Martin. He told his consultant he would recommend the treatment to any of his friends who were concerned about their own thinning hair.





*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Mother and Son Both Find Success and Confidence with Ashley and Martin

April 3rd, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Ben* was becoming increasingly concerned about his appearance. For the past year, the 24-year-old student had seen his hair rapidly disappear. Six months into this aggressive phase of shedding, Ben knew he had to do something. He tried using a topical solution he found at the chemist, but soon realised it was not delivering the results it promised.

Knowing Ashley and Martin was a trusted name in the hair loss industry, Ben contacted his local clinic online. The clinic hours accommodated his busy life well and he booked a free consultation at a time that fit with his study schedule.

Based on the pattern and degree of loss the consultant saw upon examination of Ben’s scalp, together with his family history of hair loss, Ben was diagnosed with Male Pattern Hair Loss, Norwood III Vertex. Young and healthy, Ben was an excellent candidate for the RealGROWTH® medical hair regrowth program. A simple, multi-faceted home treatment routine together with regular laser therapy in the clinic would intervene in the biological process leading to his increased shedding and dormant hair follicles and promoted new, healthy growth. Excited to have found a hair loss treatment that worked, Ben signed straight up.

In just a few short weeks, the excess shedding slowed and gradually came to a halt. Not long after, Ben began to see fine, new hair starting to grow in areas that had once been bereft of covering.

Over time, Ben started styling and dying his hair instead of being self-conscious and trying to avoid drawing attention to it. It felt great to have the option to make these decisions rather than having them taken away from him.

Overjoyed with the overwhelming regrowth that happened in the first six months of his program, Ben suggested his mother attend a free consultation of her own. Now mother and son are both have their own success stories and face the world with their heads held high.





*name changed to protect privacy

Case Study: Ashley and Martin Patient Achieves Successful Hair Regrowth with Laser Therapy Treatment

February 12th, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies

Saddled with a family history of hair loss, Janet had tried using shampoos, conditioners and vitamins that all promised to regrow her worryingly thin hair. Over the past six years, Janet had watched her hair go from healthy to heart-breaking. Knowing how her thin, lifeless hair was making her feel, a family member suggested she look to Ashley and Martin for help. By this time Janet had been thinking about treatment for twelve months; she was ready to try something that might bring her the results the remedies she had already tried promised, but failed to deliver.

After contacting Ashley and Martin online, 53-year-old Janet met with a Hair Loss Consultant. She spoke with him about her family history of hair loss and disclosed the excessive stress that came with being a mother recently. Her consultant discussed with her how stress, as well as genetics, could impact the natural growth cycle of the hair forcing it into a dormant phase. A scalp examination revealed that amongst her diffuse hair, she still had follicles with the capacity to re-enter the growth phase again.

The consultant recommended Janet use a intervention of Low Level Laser Therapy that had been proven to be effective in cases such as her own. It was a simple treatment that could be done at home without changing her daily routine.

When it came time for Janet and her consultant to take progress photos and assess the efficacy of her program to date, Janet was overwhelmed with what she saw in front of her. Far from the unhealthy strands that lay lifeless against her scalp just four months previously, Janet was almost in tears looking at the fuller, healthier hair she had regrown in just sixteen weeks. Excited to go and share her wonderful news, Janet rushed out of the office with a beaming smile across her face.

*name changed to protect privacy