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Case study: Client ditches over the counter products for multifaceted approach with amazing results

October 28th, 2020 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

As stated on the Ashley and Martin website; the causes of hair loss are many: androgen hormones; psychosocial stress, poor nutrition, genetics, autoimmune diseases, metabolic diseases, ultraviolet light, pollution, and many others. Traditionally, dermatologists have considered each case of hair loss as the result of a distinct, single cause.  Such distinctions among hair loss led to the development of drugs that target single mechanisms of loss.

Many of these drugs and potions are still offered as online or over the counter solutions to the distressing problem of hair loss and Seb* had tried a few with very disappointing results.

At the ripe young age of thirty, Seb still felt like he was in the prime of his life. He was fit and healthy with a nice life and a loving partner, but the rate at which his hair was thinning and receding around his temporal region was causing him some distress. Seb had been considering a more professional treatment option for six months and his partner suggested he contact an Ashley and Martin hair loss specialist. After filling out the online form, Seb and his partner attended his first appointment.

Seb discussed his concerns with his consultant. His father and brother were both losing their hair and he was also carrying the gene. After examination, Seb was diagnosed with male pattern baldness at  level ll on the Norwood Scale. Recommending the twelve month RealGROWTH® medical treatment program, Seb’s consultant explained that the unique multifaceted approach (developed specifically for the multifactorial conditions that cause hair loss) not only restores hair growth at a rapid rate but builds density and strength after impeding the rapid shedding of hair; something that other treatments, targeting just a single feature of hair loss, are unlikely to achieve.

Reassured by the science behind this medically proven program, Seb was hopeful that it would deliver the outcome of restored hair and restored confidence…and it did.

Seb and his partner were thrilled with the results. In just 20 weeks Seb’s hair had grown back thicker and stronger. The multifaceted approach was working extremely well and Seb could see the healthy new growth in places that he’d previously seen only his scalp. Ashley and Martin had delivered on its promise – his hair and, indeed, his confidence were well and truly restored.










*name changed to protect privacy