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Case Study: Eighty Year Old Woman Reverses Female Pattern Hair Loss

June 17th, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Approaching 80 years old, Dotty* had tried using every hair loss product she could purchase at her pharmacy. Topical solutions, traditional herbal treatments and leave-in products. She had tried them all. To date nothing she had tried had met her expectations in their promises to regrow hair.

The next step in Dotty’s bid to find a solution to hair loss was to discuss her problem with a professional medical hair loss clinic. Encouraged and accompanied by her husband, Dotty met with a consultant at Ashley and Martin to find out if anything could be done. A scalp examination conducted by her consultant showed an evident pattern of hair loss characterised by a loss of density. This Androgenic Alopecia was also accompanied with an underlying scalp condition. Dotty confided that of the two conditions, it was the hair loss that was her main concern.

Not keen on pursuing a long-term medication-based treatment at this stage of her life, Dotty was relived to find she would be able to treat both her hair loss and scalp condition without prescription medication. With the use of specialised scalp cleansers, a vitamin supplement formulated to target hair health and an in-home laser therapy device recommended by here consultant, Dotty would find her conditions reversable.

Four months after her initial appointment, Dotty met with her consultant to assess her improvement on her treatment program. Looking at her progress photos Dotty’s confidence in the program blossomed. The photos, taken four months apart, showed evident regrowth.

By the time she attended an eight month Ashley and Martin Review, her hair regrowth was even more evident. Further progress photos showed significant new growth covering her scalp. Happy with her progress at this stage of her hair loss treatment, Dotty told her consultant she would not hesitate to tell her family and friends to seek help at Ashley and Martin.



*name changed to protect privacy.