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Case Study: Keen surfer re-grows his hair as extra protection from the sun

March 22nd, 2021 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Human hair performs several functions, not least of which is protecting the skin from environmental influences. As a keen surfer, Broadie* was well aware of the damage that excessive sun exposure can do and was particularly worried about his own hair loss on his scalp and temporal regions. Aside from just the aesthetic, Broadie needed his hair to protect his scalp when he was surfing on the ocean. He had been noticing a slow decline in the density of his hair over a three year period and, although he’d been considering treatment for over six months, with a full time job as a builder and two kids in tow, he never seemed to be able to find the time to seek out professional help.

Finally, after a push of encouragement from his wife, Broadie booked an online appointment at an Ashley and Martin medical hair loss centre. He didn’t want to mess around with DIY solutions, he’d done his research and could see that these ‘solutions’ had limited (if any) results and he wanted to finally tackle the problem head on with professional advice and medications.

At his consultation, Broadie chatted to the hair loss specialist about his receding hairline and disclosed that there was a family history of hair loss – his father and brother both suffered from male pattern baldness and Broadie was hoping to reverse the trend. At age 45 he thought he may have left it too late and was very concerned about the regression on his temporals. After receiving a diagnosis of Level III vertex hair loss on the Norwood scale, Broadie signup up to the recommended 12 month RealGROWTH® treatment program.

Four months into the treatment plan, Broadie could feel the difference on his scalp – he was re-growing dense, healthy new hair over his balding vertex and already felt better about being protected from the sun;  having a thicker coverage on his crown made him feel more confident that his scalp wouldn’t burn while he was surfing in the ocean. 

Broadie was also happy that the regression in his temporals had halted. With eight more months of treatment ahead he was keen to see what further results would bring…and was keen to get back into the ocean.

*name changed to protect privacy