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Case Study: Client Refers Wife After Regrowing Own Hair

September 16th, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Prior to coming to Ashley and Martin, Asim’s* hair had been shedding at an alarmingly high rate for almost three years. His wife had told him that his hair loss did not matter to her but could see that it mattered to Asim. Wanting her husband to feel confident and to see himself as she saw him, she encouraged him to seek professional advice for his concerns. Having been considering treatment for quite some time, Asim booked a free consultation at his nearest clinic.

Noting that Asim had indicated that he had no known family history of hair loss or medical conditions that could be impacting the growth cycle of his hair, the consultant performed a scalp examination. Despite the fact Asim was unaware of any relatives who had experienced hair loss, the examination showed he was suffering from Androgenic Alopecia. Or, as it was more commonly known, Male Pattern Baldness.

Before attending his initial appointment, Asim had researched prescription medications for hair loss and the over the counter remedies available to him. And while he was knowledgeable in some areas, he was glad he had sought advice from a reputable company that specialised in medical hair regrowth. He was interested to find that singular treatments to hair loss were not as effective as a multi-faceted approach. Trusting the advice his consultant had given him, Asim booked an appointment with the clinic hair loss doctor and started his RealGROWTH® treatment straight away.

Four months later, Asim was pleased he had trusted the experts in the field. His hair had undergone radical changes. And after regrowing his hair and maintaining the new growth over the following year, Asim referred his wife to her own free consultation. The couple are now both happy Ashley and Martin clients, each of them having solved their hair growth problems with different RealGROWTH® programs tailored to their individual needs.

*name changed to protect privacy