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Case Study: Spectacular Results for Stress Induced Hair Loss

January 8th, 2020 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Over the past few years Don* had been under a great deal of stress. And the onset of his hair loss had coincided with the start of this difficult period. Suffering from an itchy scalp in addition to his hair loss, Don* had really connected with the stories on the Ashley and Martin television advertising. He too was approaching his turning point and was ready to at least speak to a hair loss expert. Curiosity winning out, Don booked a free consultation with Ashley and Martin to find out what could be done about his hair loss problem.

Listening to Don tell him about the increased stress he had been under, the consultant agreed that this could be playing a part in Don’s hair loss. However, the pattern of loss he was seeing was consistent with two to three years of loss due to male pattern baldness. It was more likely that stress was accelerating the loss rather than causing it. Recommending a RealGROWTH® medical hair loss treatment program to reverse the damage genetic hair loss had done, the consultant was confident this approach would produce the new growth Don was looking for. So confident that he offered Don a money back guarantee on his treatment program.

Tackling his problem with a multifaceted approach incorporating prescription medications, herbal supplements, and laser therapy, Don found the treatment routine easy to fit into his stressful life. And by the time he attended his first Ashley and Martin Review appointment after four months on the program, the comparison photos showed evident regrowth. Confidence in the program growing along with his hair, Don was so impressed with the early results of his program that he sent a friend to Ashley and Martin to get the same spectacular results as he had.



*name changed to protect privacy