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Case Study: Visible crown no longer an issue for young Ashley and Martin client

February 24th, 2021 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Gareth* didn’t know that it was possible for a 21 year old to start losing their hair…but he could see it happening right in front of his eyes.

His long, blonde wavy locks were rapidly thinning on his crown and his very fair skin seemed to make his scalp appear even more obvious through his hair. His was single and his hair loss was hurting his confidence so he looked to the internet for help and found Ashley and Martin medical hair loss clinics.

He browsed through their website and was encouraged to read that the key to successful hair regrowth was acting fast and, that by addressing the problem as soon as you notice it, you’ll have a much greater chance of complete recovery. Gareth booked his first free consultation.

Gareth chatted opening to his consultant about his loss in confidence and about the results he was hoping to achieve. He knew that his hair loss was ‘genetics’ kicking in – there were no real stresses in his daily life but there was family history of hair loss on his mother’s side. He was diagnosed with Norwood III hair loss; as well as the thinning on his crown his hair was deeply recessed at both temples. His consultant reassured him that, by acting quickly, there was a great chance that he would achieve full recovery.

Gareth enrolled on to the 12 month RealGROWTH® treatment plan and is already enjoying the boosted confidence that renewed hair growth delivers. He was very happy that he no longer had to worry about people looking at his thinning crown. His long locks are dense, healthy and strong and his light scalp is no longer visible, giving Gareth the confidence he needs to get on with living his young, vibrant life.

*Name changed to protect privacy