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Case Study: Successful Treatment of Rapid Hair Loss Through Ashley and Martin

June 25th, 2018 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

With the full support of his wife and family, Daniel called Ashley and Martin to help him with the rapid deterioration of his hair. Just six months previously, Daniel had sported a full, healthy head of hair. By the time his consultant examined him, his hair was thin, limp and sparsely populated. With a hastily retreating hairline, deeply receding temples and a thinning crown Daniel was extremely concerned about how much his appearance had aged in half a year. At 45 he was not yet ready to have the hair of an old man.

The Norwood IIIa androgenic alopecia Daniel was suffering from had been inherited from his father. A legacy he would have prefered not to inherit. For eight weeks he had been turning the idea of seeking help over in his head, eventually coming to the decision to contact Ashley and Martin having seen the advertising on television.

The consultant that met with him discussed the most effective treatment solutions to his hair loss and took time to answer any questions that Daniel had about the process and efficacy of the program. And after hearing about the help available to him, Daniel did not want to wait a second longer. He enrolled for treatment immediately and booked the first available appointment with the clinic doctor.

After a check-up revealed Daniel to be in good health, the pharmaceutical components of the RealGROWTH program were prescribed to be taken in conjunction with herbal supplements and a specialised scalp cleansing product. To support the work of these interventions, low level laser therapy would be provided at the clinic on a regular basis.

The early results of his program could not have made Daniel happier. He was over the moon with the amount of hair he had regrown in a short amount of time. His hair was full of body and life, his hair line stronger than he had seen it in a long time and his dark hair as thick as it once had been before. It was as if the six months prior to coming to Ashley and Martin had never happened.

*name changed to protect privacy