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Case Study: Great Results From Ashley and Martin Treatment Program

June 6th, 2018 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

The stress of the birth of her first child had impacted Glenda’s hair growth cycle two years ago. And to date, it had not returned to normal. Her hair, especially through the temporal region, had become thin and lifeless. Her part line was wide and crown sparse. The state of her hair bothered Glenda and she started talking to a friend about it. Her friend knew of Ashley and Martin and suggested she give us a call to find out if anything could be done. After finding the Ashley and Martin website online, Glenda saw the internet contact form and submitted an enquiry.

Trying to combat the problem from its onset, Glenda had tried taking a nutritional supplement to bring life back to her hair, but to no avail. Discussing it with her consultant, she confided that her mother suffered from hair loss as well. The 33 year old did not want her hair loss to be long term like her mother’s and was interested to hear how the RealGROWTH® program could assist. The consultant laid out the combination of interventions that would be used under the clinic doctor’s care and invited Glenda to clarify anything she was unsure of.

Glenda’s decision to enroll on her RealGROWTH® program straight away paid off. Four months later she was back in the office for her first Ashley and Martin Progress Review and happy to see that her program was working. The photographic evidence in front of her showed that her hair had increased in density all over and looked much more healthy. Her consultant was especially pleased to see the dramatic improvement in her temporal region; where skin had been easily visible before there was new, healthy hair and Glenda’s part line had returned to its pre-stressor state. Thanks to Ashley and Martin, Glenda had avoided her mother’s long term hair loss problem.

*name changed to protect privacy