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Case Study: Comments From Amazed Family and Friends Give Client Confidence

November 26th, 2018 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Ellen* was 42 years old when she first made the decision to visit Ashley and Martin. She had been losing hair at an accelerated rate for the past eighteen months and, having heard about Ashley and Martin from the television advertisements, thought she had nothing to lose by attending a free consultation.

Booking an appointment at a time that suited her was easy due to the clinic’s convenient hours. Once there, she was asked to fill in a form that would collect important information regarding her health as well as reasons for wanting treatment. Upon meeting her consultant, they discussed the information given on her intake form and a scalp examination was conducted. The results of this examination showed the pattern of hair loss Ellen was experiencing was characterised by a loss of density. This common pattern of loss indicated Ellen’s underlying problem was the genetic trait, androgenic alopecia. She had indicated on her questionnaire that her main areas of concern were twofold. She was concerned not only for her hair loss but was also suffering from a scalp irritation that caused her to itch.

As per Ashley and Martin protocol, Ellen was booked in to see the clinic hair loss doctor for blood tests to rule out the possibility of an underlying medical condition that may be causing her hair loss. Rather than making a commitment before these results were in, Ellen held off on deciding for the time being.

A month later, Ellen was ready to commence her treatment. It had been a few weeks since she had been given the all clear by the doctor and, happy to know her hair loss was not medically induced, she returned to Ashley and Martin.

It was not long before her laser cap and specially formulated nutrient tablets began to show results. In fact, by the time she returned for her four month Ashley and Martin review, her confidence in the treatment program skyrocketed as her progress photos showed an overwhelming amount of regrowth. And it was not just her initial photos contrasted against the ones taken at her review that gave her confidence, it was comments from amazed family and friends that confirmed the treatment was working wonderfully well for her.






*name changed to protect privacy