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Case Study: Client Thrilled with Results from Ashley and Martin Treatment and Gains Confidence Back

March 8th, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Dean* was fast approaching 40 years old when a friend of his told him about Ashley and Martin. His hair had come so sparse over the last fifteen years that Dean had taken to keeping it long in combing it over in an effort to make it appear than he had more hair. For five years Dean had considered the idea of treating his hair and after his friend pointed him in the right direction, he called to book a free consultation. In the decade and a half that he had watched the density of his hair gradually decrease he had never tried treating it with any over the counter products. And, like a lot of people, he was unsure if there was anything that could be done for him at this late stage in the game.

The consultant he visited  at his local hair loss clinic had conversations with Dean around his expectations of treatment as well as the physiological reasons for his hair loss. The genetic hair loss that Dean was experiencing had been passed down to him on his father’s side of the family and a scalp examination showed that Dean still had enough viable hair follicles to undertake medical treatment and expect pleasing results.

The treatment his consultant recommended would include Ashley and Martin’s RealGROWTH® solution, both herbal and prescription tablets, as well as in home low level laser therapy delivered with the aid of a Laser Cap.

Wanting to address his advanced level III vertex loss before it was too late, Dean signed up for treatment straight away.

The simple, yet highly effective treatment routine that Dean underwent each day worked wonders. In four and a half months, Dean’s hair had undergone a dramatic increase in density. While his hair loss had not been completely reversed in this short amount of time, his scalp was not showing through thin strands of hair. Dean had gained a great deal of his confidence back and was thrilled with the early results he was seeing.






*name changed to protect privacy