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Case Study: Client has No Hesitation in Telling Anyone that Ashley and Martin are Able to Deliver on Their Promises

May 10th, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Fifty year old Lara* was so pleased with the amount of new hair that had grown since starting her Ashley and Martin treatment plan that she said she would gladly recommend her friends use our company if they were ever concerned about losing their own hair.

Twelve months previously Lara’s hair was showing the signs of having undergone such a serious loss in density that her scalp was clearly visible through her hair. This was especially evident when she pulled her long hair back to wear it up.

During her first appointment, Lara had been diagnosed with Androgenic Alopecia, better known as female pattern hair loss. This genetic condition was characterised by the loss of density that was causing Lara concern. The natural therapies and vitamins she had used to date had not affected the loss in any way. After explaining how Laser therapy would assist Lara to regain the hair she had lost, the consultant booked her in to meet with the clinic doctor.

The clinic hair loss doctor had sent her for blood tests to rule out any underlying medical conditions that may be causing her hair loss. It was a relief to Lara to find the pathology results ruled out medically induced hair loss. Knowing that her progressive hair loss condition would only continue to worsen should she not begin treating it, Lara had purchased a laser cap as her consultant recommended.

Lara had been using the cap for sixteen weeks, when she attended her first Ashley and Martin Review. Seeing the turnaround in the condition of her hair reflected in the progress photos she was looking at with her consultant had bolstered her confidence in the treatment she was undergoing. Knowing visible results were being achieved made it easier to stick to the treatment schedule outlined for her at her first appointment.

Now, twelve months after she had first met with her consultant, Lara was looking at dramatic results in her progress photos and had no hesitation in telling anyone that Ashley and Martin were able to deliver on their promises.






*name changed to protect privacy