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Case Study: Ashley and Martin’s Money Back Guarantee Makes Sceptical Client Feel Comfortable

December 29th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Ahn* had been disappointed with the lack hair regrowth achieved with a remedy he had bought at the chemist. He had followed all the directions but the packet had promised something it was definitely unable to deliver. Ahn had noticed the first signs of hair loss three years previously and over the past twelve months had begun to give serious consideration to treating his condition.

Thirty-eight year old Ahn had told his wife about how his thinning hair was making him feel and she had encouraged him to seek professional advice for his concerns. Ahn no longer truly believed that anyone truly knew how to regrow hair once it had been lost, but at his wife’s behest he submitted an online enquiry on the Ashley and Martin website.

The diagnosis of Male Pattern Baldness given to him by his consultant at his free consultation was supported by the absence of medical conditions impacting his hair grown cycle and his family history of hair loss. Ahn’s grandfather had also lost his hair in a similar pattern. The consultant knew the best hair loss treatment for Ahn’s Norwood III vertex loss would be a full RealGROWTH® medications program. As well as medications to supress the formation of DHT and promote hair growth, other hair loss products to support his hair’s nutritional needs and protect the new follicles from harsh chemicals would be used. Although sceptical from the outset, the money back guarantee offered on the program made Ahn feel more comfortable in signing up for treatment immediately.

Ahn attended monthly low level laser therapy appointments and took his medication as directed. He was concerned that it may all be for nought, but his first Ashley and Martin Review showed him that there really was a hair loss specialist who knew how to regrow hair. In just five months his hair density had doubled and he was thrilled that he had finally been sold a hair loss treatment that had been able to deliver on its promises.






*name changed to protect privacy