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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Client Excited to See Further Changes

May 17th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

More than 2 decades had passed since 58 year old Ted* first noticed his hair beginning to slowly shed. For the last 18 months he had been occasionally mulling over the idea of seeing treatment for his hair loss without any real commitment to the idea. Finally, prompted by the constant need to wear a hat to prevent sunburn while out on the green Ted went online to see what could be done to help him at this late stage. After finding Ashley and Martin’s website he submitted an online enquiry form and a representative called him back the next day to arrange an appointment.

In all the time he had been losing his hair, Ted had not tried any other options to try and stop it falling out. He told his consultant that he wasn’t sure that it was even possible after all this time. The consultant placed him at a level IV-V on the Norwood Hair Loss Scale and after taking a history from Ted determined that stress and genetics were the contributing factors in Ted’s hair loss. The consultant was honest, but optimistic about the expected outcome of a medications program. Ted still had a great deal of vellus hairs to work with and the consultant felt that Ted would be pleased with the amount of regrowth he could achieve with RealGROWTH®Ted signed up.

After being so unsure of the chances of success after 20 years of damage had gone untreated, Ted was astounded at the difference four and a half months on the RealGROWTH® treatment program had made. With consistent application of his RealGROWTH® solution and taking his supplements daily, together with regular Low Level Laser Therapy and specialised hygiene products to protect the newly growing hair Ted’s hair was beginning to return. Ted was so happy to see the hair on his crown growing back again that he asked his consultant to email him the photos so he could show them off to family and friends who had been dubious. With more than half his program left to go, Ted was eager to see the changes that would happen by the time he returned for his next check-up.




*name changed to protect privacy