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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Brisbane Patient Sees Hair Loss Results

January 14th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Jon* came to Ashley and Martin after a family member who knew of Jon’s insecurities about his receding hair called and made an appointment for him.  Only 20 years old at the time, Jon’s mother attended the appointment as a support and to listen to the information given to him as his parents wanted to fund his treatment while he was still studying at university.

Jon’s hair was already receding in the temple and parietal ridge areas; based on the pattern of thinning and loss of hair density it was evident Jon had inherited the genetic pattern baldness receptors from his father who had also lost his hair.  Being a non-smoker who did not drink to excess or use drugs Jon’s lifestyle choices had not contributed to his hair loss and his consultant thought he would be an ideal candidate for the RealGROWTH™ program.

Diagnosed as having Male Pattern Hair Loss, Norwood level III vertex, his consultant noted he had no pre-existing scalp or medical conditions and recommended a treatment option consisting of specialty cleansing products, natural supplements, prescription medication and laser therapy.

After his initial consultation Jon and his mother went home to discuss the cost and projected outcomes of the treatment with his father.  A week later he called Ashley and Martin and enrolled on the recommended treatment plan and booked in to see the clinic doctor.

Coming in to the clinic for regular laser therapy treatments and taking his medication as prescribed, Jon’s hair began to regrow.   Ten weeks after his initial photos were taken Jon returned to see his consultant for a check-up.  Progress photos were taken and substantial regrowth could be seen after a short 8 weeks on the RealGROWTH™ program.  Jon was overjoyed at the immediate success of his program and over the coming months continued to receive further regrowth.

*name changed for privacy reasons