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Case Study: Patient Calls Ashley and Martin After All Else Fails

February 18th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Tony* had tried every over the counter remedy available by the time he called Ashley and Martin to try and halt his quite advanced hair loss.  Nothing he had tried worked and his hair had continued to fall out.

He discussed all of the ways in which he had tried to treat his own hair loss during his initial consultation and while taking a family and medical history at this appointment the consultant found Tony’s father had also lost his hair.  Tony had no pre-existing medical conditions or treatments to be impacting his hair growth cycle and his consultant diagnosed him with Male Patten Hair Loss, Norwood IV-V.  The consultant discussed with him what could realistically be achieved by using a medical intervention program such as the one being recommended to him and answered all of Tony’s questions regarding the medications that would be prescribed as well as the long term benefits and use of the program.

Tony was only 29 and his hair loss was ageing him well beyond his years, after wasting so much time and money on remedies that simply didn’t work for him, Tony decided it was time to try a comprehensive medical program.   Instead of targeting only one cause of hair loss at a time as the over the counter remedies had done, Tony’s RealGROWTH® program would take an all-round approach.  Enrolling straight away Tony booked in for a check-up with the clinic doctor and took his specialised hair care products and nutritional supplements home with him.

Returning to the clinic on a regular basis to have laser treatments, Tony was determined to give his program the best chance success.  After 16 weeks of closely following his program he came back to see his consultant for a 4 month check-up.  The hair regrowth Tony had experienced in the beginning stages of his program had been so drastic he did not need to see his comparison photos to know his treatment plan had worked.  Although his hairline was still a little higher than it had started, Tony’s full head of hair was testament to the success of his RealGROWTH® program.






*Name changed for privacy reasons