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Case Study: Impressive Increase In Density Achieved with Ashley and Martin’s Treatment Plan

October 19th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Thirty-three year old Colin* had heard about Ashley and Martin from a friend.  He had been losing his hair for almost four years, and for all that time he had wanted to stop his hair shedding.  He had been using a non-prescription solution from the chemist for three years without getting any of the results the bottle had promised before his friend had encouraged him to speak to Ashley and Martin.   After submitting an online enquiry, Colin attended a free consultation.

Colin had a strong genetic tie to hair loss; both his brother and father were in their own separate stages of hair loss.  The recession in Colin’s temples had become so deep that he had taken to shaving his hair short so as not to highlight how bad it had gotten.  It was immediately obvious to the consultant during a scalp examination that Colin was suffering from the same genetic condition as his father and brother.  His Male Pattern Hair Loss may have been accelerated by the high levels of stress Colin was under; however the good news was that it was treatable with the RealGROWTH® medications program.

The consultant recommended Colin treat his Norwood IIa level loss with a combination of oral and topical prescription medications, herbal supplements, specialised hygiene products and laser therapy.  Keen to get started now he had found a solution he had confidence in, Colin signed up for his RealGROWTH® program immediately.

Eight weeks after he had begun to use his RealGROWTH® solution Colin came back to see his consultant to have a check-up.  Progress photos taken in the consult showed early, yet encouraging, visible signs of new growth in his temples.  And his hair, still clipped short, was beginning to look less sparse.  A further eight weeks later Colin attended his four month Ashley and Martin Review.

Viewing this new set of progress photos, he was extremely pleased with the results he was seeing.  He had let his hair grow a little longer in this time yet the photos still reflected the impressive increase in density he had achieved to date as well as the increase in temporal hair growth.






*name changed to protect privacy