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Case Study: Every Ashley and Martin Review Gives Client Something To Smile About

May 24th, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Thirty-one year old Dara* had been experiencing hair loss for more than three years by this time he finally sent in an online enquiry to Ashley and Martin. At first he had not thought much of the excess shedding, however after a year of rapid loss it was much more noticeable. Although his partner assured him the hair loss did not matter to her at all, Dara started to mull over the idea of seeking treatment.

It was with his partner’s support that he came to Ashley and Martin. Knowing how much it was troubling him, she had encouraged him to seek professional advice for his concerns. After seeing our advertising on television, Dara decided to take the first steps towards solving his decreasing hair and contacted us for a free consultation.

Before coming in, Dara had taken the time to educate himself about the prescription medications available to reverse male pattern hair loss. And after his consultant diagnosed him with Norwood III vertex male pattern hair loss based on his pattern of loss and family history, Dara and the consultant discussed treatment options.

Dara was happy with the comprehensive RealGROWTH® treatment plan offered to him by his consultant and enrolled on a program straight away. His daily oral and topical therapies were complemented with monthly low level laser appointments in the clinic and Dara attended these regularly.

In order to monitor his progress on the program, Dara attended monthly check ups with his consultant. Little by little Dara saw his hair return and as the excess hair fall slowed to a normal rate and his hair regrew, every Ashley and Martin Review gave Dara something new to smile about. Now, two years later, Dara still has a full head of hair and is a very happy client.






*name changed to protect privacy