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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Medical Hair Loss Program Chosen Over Hair Transplant

December 23rd, 2015 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Looking online to find out about hair loss treatments, Matt* decided to submit an enquiry with Ashley and Martin while he was on the Ashley and Martin website.  Forty-four years old with advanced hair thinning through his crown and top of his head as well as a receding hair line at the front and temples, Matt had not tried any over the counter products to date.  He had watched his father lose his hair over the years and was curious to find out if he could stop the same happening to him.

Matt was interested in discussing all of his hair regrowth options with his consultant.  After diagnosing him with Male Pattern Hair Loss, Norwood V, together Matt and his consultant discussed the benefits of both a medications program and a hair transplant.  The procedure Matt would undergo if he opted for a transplant using either the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) process was discussed in detail. Either an elliptical graft would be taken from the back of the scalp, and then subsequently divided up into the individual grafts if Matt elected to have FUT surgery or individual grafts extracted one by one if he chose FUE transplant surgery.

Taking all the information he had been given into account, Matt felt a medications program was his best option as it was non-invasive and was less likely to be impacted by his medical history.  To make sure Matt was cleared to commence treatment, his consultant asked him to speak to his neurologist before enrolling.

Matt went away to speak to his medical care providers and after he had been given the all clear to start treatment with Ashley and Martin he returned to the clinic and enrolled.  Fifteen years after he had first noticed his hair beginning to shed, he was finally taking the first steps to being in control of his hair loss.  And in control was certainly how he felt when looking at the exciting regrowth he had achieved in the first 4 months of his program when returning to see his consultant for his first progress check up.

*Name changed for privacy reasons