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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Review of Progress Bolsters Client’s Confidence

November 16th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Sixty-two year old Harriet* was concerned about how sparse her hair had become over the years. Her partner could see how this was affecting her and encouraged Harriet to seek help for her own peace of mind. Harriet had known of Ashley and Martin for years as she had seen our advertising on television; we were the logical first port of call when she decided to heed her partner’s advice.

Harriet’s partner did more than just encourage her to contact Ashley and Martin, he was so supportive of her need for treatment that he accompanied Harriet to her free consultation. After discussing what Harriet was hoping to gain from treatment, her consultant conducted a scalp examination. He noted that Harriet’s loss was characterised by a loss in density and diagnosed her with Androgenic Alopecia. This diagnosis was supported by Harriet’s family history of Female Pattern Hair Loss.

As is standard protocol for all female patients, Harriet was sent for blood tests to rule out any underlying medical issues that could be presenting by impacting her hair’s growth cycle. The clinic hair loss doctor reviewed the results of her blood tests and Harriet was relieved to find her hair loss was not medically induced. With a clear picture of what needed to be done to remedy her situation, Harriet started treating her hair with a Laser Cap, specialised hygiene products and nutritional supplements.

After performing the in-home treatments for four months, Harriet met with her consultant for the first of her Ashley and Martin reviews. At this meeting to review her progress on her program, her consultant took a second set of photos of her hair from the same angles as in her initial consultation. Viewing these pictures side by side bolstered Harriet’s confidence in the treatment program. She could see evident regrowth; this new growth had given her a thicker head of hair and gave her scalp much better coverage.






*name changed to protect privacy