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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Provides Options to Accommodate Busy Schedule

May 3rd, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Simon* suffered from severe dermatitis causing flaking skin across his scalp. He had been taking medication for this condition as long as he could remember.  If this wasn’t uncomfortable enough to deal with on a daily basis, Simon had begun to lose his hair 5 years ago, exposing his skin condition to the elements.

When he saw an ad for Ashley and Martin on the television he thought he had found a solution to at least one of his problems.  He had tried over the counter remedies in the past and knew they had not irritated his dermatitis.  When he attended his free consultation he told the consultant about the medication he was taking for his flaking skin and was relieved to find that the medication Ashley and Martin would use to treat his hair would not irritate his condition either.

The consultant was concerned that Simon was unable to come in to the clinic to have Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) as he thought Simon would greatly benefit from combining this with a medications program.  He offered Simon a dual treatment plan of a RealGROWTH® medications program and an in home LLLT device called Lasercap.  Simon was happy there was a way to accommodate his busy schedule and signed up for the recommended course of treatment immediately.

Four months after commencing his program, Simon could not speak highly enough of Ashley and Martin.  Having experienced a rapid reversal of the hair loss he has experiencing he couldn’t believe he had waited so long to do something about it.  Simon’s hair had regrown in his parietal region, bring his hair line forward to where it had been years ago.  His overall hair density had improved to a large extent making his hair look thicker and covering over the balding spot he was developing.  Simon was so impressed with his program and the service he had received that he was telling everyone he knew needing help to call Ashley and Martin.




*name changed to protect privacy