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Case Study: Aggressive Loss of Hair Density Treated By Ashley and Martin’s RealGROWTH

January 12th, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Jeffrey* had started treatment for his male pattern hair loss four months earlier. He was now sitting in his consultant’s office participating in his first scheduled Ashley and Martin Review. When he had initially spoken to his wife about contacting Ashley and Martin she had told him that she would support his decision but she loved him regardless. His hair loss did not matter to her. A short four months after this conversation Jeffrey could not believe how much of a change he had experienced since that day.

When he had first walked in to his consultant’s office his hair had been sparse, his crown showing through and his frontal hair line extremely diminished. This aggressive decrease in hair density had been distressing to experience as he had gone from having a full head of hair to the advanced stages of hair loss in less than three years. For six months he had thought about calling a hair loss specialist before committing to the idea. And now, seeing the astonishing results of his treatment he was overjoyed that he had signed up for treatment straight away.

At first the Norwood level II loss that Jeffrey had inherited from his father had slowed to a normal rate of shedding. And looking at his progress photos with his consultant he could see his hair loss had been dramatically reversed. His crown, while still a little thin, was covered in hair, he had a substantial amount of hair in the frontal area, his hair was thicker all over and the itchy, flaky scalp he suffered from had cleared up. Jeffery’s RealGROWTH® hair loss products had been easy to use and the monthly laser therapy treatments had not felt like an inconvenience as he had been able to meet with his consultant at the same time to monitor his progress.






*name changed to protect privacy