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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Assist Client with Androgenic Alopecia

March 28th, 2018 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Cheun was thrilled with the results he was looking at on the computer screen in front of him. It had been only sixteen weeks since he had started using his Ashley and Martin RealGROWTH® program and the results to date had been astounding. The photos taken at his very first visit to the clinic clearly showed the substantial amount of hair he had regrown in his frontal hairline. The overall thickness and health of his hair had improved and he was extremely happy and excited at the difference four short months had made to his appearance.

When 30 year old Cheun had first come to Ashley and Martin his hairline had receded worryingly and he was developing a balding patch on his crown. To top it off, his hair had become thinner all over. This was not the normal hair health of a man in his thirties. His consultant performed a scalp examination after taking some background information. Cheun had reported that the hair loss he had started experiencing three years previously had been passed down to him on his father’s side. With no medical or stress related factors impacting the growth cycle of his hair, a diagnosis of androgenic alopecia was given.

Cheun had tried treating his hair loss with an over the counter topical solution before looking to Ashley and Martin for a successful treatment option. The evidence based, medical treatment program he chose address his hair loss with was complemented by an in home low light laser therapy device that was included as part of his chosen program.

Looking at the photos Cheun could not believe the program had worked so well. He had spent two years thinking about fixing his hair loss and now, just four months after seeing an ad on the television and submitting an internet enquiry, the reason for Cheun’s self consciousness had disappeared.





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